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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stratos?

Stratos is a service that allows you and your friends to play together on many of the most popular games that require a dedicated server. Through our desktop application, you are able to easily create, manage, and switch between servers whenever you and your friends want to play something new.

Why isn't my favorite game supported?

We are constantly working on adding support for more games. If you would like to see a game added, please let us know by emailing us or by joining our Discord!

How can I share my server with my friends?

Sharing your server is easy with Stratos because the URL for your server will always be your username followed by In the desktop app, we provide a button that will allow you to copy that URL to your clipboard.

Why can't I pick how powerful my server is?

We optimize our servers to be able to be able to run with an adequate number of players for each game. If you find that your server is not powerful enough, please let us know.

Who works on this product?

Our team consists of:

Please contact us if you have any more questions!

1.Some games require a port in order to connect in which case we append the port to the URL.